ADPA 2021 Virtual

Decoding digital technology for the analogue dental professional

Mr Simon Ashworth

Simon Ashworth is an accomplished clinical dental technician with nearly 40 years’ experience. He has studied extensively in the fields of both fixed and removable prosthetics and is a passionate educator and KOL of emerging technologies. As a clinical and technical instructor for more than 15 years he has presented over 100 workshops and has lectured in 15 countries around the world.

Simon is based in northern NSW and is currently using his experience to develop application-based solutions for the integration of digital dentistry into mainstream protocols. With a touch of humour, he shares his insights into the learning curve of digital transformation – the highs and the lows.

Simon’s ability and thirst for excellence has kept him at the forefront of his field and he continues to be a highly sought after and respected lecturing clinician.