ADPA 2021 Virtual

Ms Leah Taylor, Reg DenTech, PGrad/ClinDentech

Leah Taylor has been in the dental profession for over 30 years. After completing her training as a dental technician with the South Australian Dental Service and winning South Australian Apprentice of the Year, Leah travelled to the U.K on a scholarship where she had the opportunity to speak, work and observe at some of the greatest maxillofacial units in the world.

Leah moved to NZ in 1997, where she set up a successful dental laboratory prior to attending Otago University to complete her postgraduate studies in Clinical Dental Technology.

As well as running a thriving clinical practice in Auckland and lecturing both overseas and in NZ, Leah was also the President of the NZIDT and was involved with both the University of Otago and the Dental Council of New Zealand in various capacities. Leah’s involvement throughout so many varied areas of dentistry ensured that she had a very holistic view of the profession.

Leah’s particular passion has always been patient communication, patient focused care and improving professionalism with the field of Dental Prosthetics.

After successfully selling her business in Auckland, Leah has now moved to Adelaide with her family and is pursuing a Degree in Psychology and Social Science.